7 Trends in Online Learning

by Krista Wallace

Online learning allows learners to acquire new skills and qualifications; it is becoming more and more popular with students who require a balance between coursework and their professional life.

Employers are now giving more importance to qualifications achieved through online learning, as many courses rapidly adapt to new ways of teaching that better prepare students for their professional career. HRM Online has published a list of 7 major trends which, according to industry expert Koreen Pagano, are currently dictating the online learning environment.

1. Video-based learning

Since streaming capabilities have greatly improved, there has been a huge increase in video-based learning which can include online instruction, feedback, and interaction between students and faculty. The fact that these can be played on mobile devices has seen a huge increase in demand, as students have the ability to study from practically anywhere.

2. Personalisation

Focus is placed on the development of each student’s skills to drive engagement, instead of general monitoring of learning and compliance.

3. Immersion

It is no longer enough to merely present information. Technology has provided new opportunities to practice and apply knowledge before beginning a new job, such as through simulations and virtual reality.

4. Performance Objectives

Focus is placed on students’ performance as an indicator of how well they are learning, which is attractive to businesses as it is mirrored in the professional world.

5. “Big Data”

Gaining insight into how learners interact with content, where they spend their time and how effective they are at finding the right content allows platforms to greatly increase user productivity.

6. Gamification

Content is displayed in a way that encourages behaviour that enhances learning, for instance by progressing through levels that engage and reward the student.

7. “Hire Skills” Gap

Online learning can be used to capture the knowledge of experts who may be retiring, and pass on these skills to graduates who are beginning a new job.

The development of new technology has created a society used to accessing the internet at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. At the same time, the opportunities for learning have dramatically improved. It is a fast growing industry which many people are turning to it to further their qualifications and enhance their skills set. Keeping up with trends in E-learning will allow students to find the course best suited to their needs.

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