About Us

About OLC and Online Learning

The Online Learning Council (OLC) was established in 2012 by a group of academics, providers and developers working in the expanding field of Online Learning within the UK and internationally.

Whilst online learning shares many commonalities with other forms of flexible and distance learning, it also has some unique features and presents unique challenges to both providers and learners. The origins of the OLC lie in a sense that existing professional bodies within education are not addressing the unique nature of Online Learning, and that more focused support was required for providers and developers. The OLC also aims to create new connections between those working in different areas of Online Learning, as well as providing information for existing and potential online students.

Our code of ethics sets out the tenets of good practice in Online Learning which all members agree to follow.

OLC Membership

Joining OLC

We welcome membership enquires from providers of Online Learning, academics working in this field, and web developers and programmers offering Online Learning materials or opportunities.

To be eligible for membership providers and developers must satisfy the OLC that their courses are suitable for online students and that they themselves are of good standing with a proven track record.

Code of Ethics

All members must agree to comply with OLC’s Code of Ethics in the provision of Online Learning. This guarantees a high standard of service and integrity on the part of all providers and developers. The OLC logo on your website gives potential students or customers an assurance of quality and fair dealing. In the event of queries or complaints the OLC can provide an independent arbitration service.

Public Relations

We issue press releases on topics of interest to professionals within Online Learning and maintain contacts with the education correspondents of national and local newspapers. We also maintain a social media presence. We respond to issues raised in the media, and work hard to raise awareness of Online Learning and what constitutes good practice in this area.


OLC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between Online Learning professionals. We have an annual online meeting, and all Members are welcome to attend the regular Council meetings. Members can also seek advice by email.

For further details please contact us using the form below, or by email. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours: