Online Learning Trends 2016

In a recent Forbes article, Rick Levin, CEO of Coursera, argues that 2016 will be a crucial year in the development of online learning. He notes that online learning is now an integral part of both student and professional life, and suggests that three key trends in online education are set to transform the workplace in 2016:

  • job seekers will build portfolios of online certificates, the new currency for skills;
  • employees will see learning opportunities as a desirable perk
  • businesses will begin to see the world as their hiring pool.

“… access to outstanding and flexible education has opened up new possibilities to improve the lives of families and communities. Universal access to online education allows talented people to become noticed and great companies to be built. Enabling economic and social mobility may prove to be the greatest contribution of the ongoing revolution in online education.”

Rick Levin, CEO, Coursera. In 2013, Levin completed a 20-year term as president of Yale University.

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